Saankhya Labs is a premier semiconductor and wireless communication solutions company. We offer a wide range of communication solutions, technologies and platforms across 5G Open RAN, Broadcast and Satellite IoT systems. The communication solutions are based on our award winning, patented, ultra-low power, small footprint ,fully programmable Software Defined Radio (SDR) chipsets and platforms.

Saankhya Labs has a focus on development of Next-Gen Satcom and Satellite IoT Solutions. We have strategic partnerships with wide spectrum of satellite enterprises including national space agencies such as ISRO and leading satellite operators like Ligado Networks. We have developed frontline SDR Based Satellite IoT Solutions for real time tracking of fixed and mobile assets, two-way communication in remote locations, emergency communication systems, edutainment systems for remote areas and secure encrypted, defence communication. Our solutions include Two-Way MSS Terminals, Hub-Side Equipment, Receive Only Terminals and Satellite-to-Terrestrial Gateways for 5G Broadcast.


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