Open and Virtualized RAN Solutions

Saankhya Labs is creating an Open, Cognitive and Scalable 5G RAN solution portfolio which includes Multi Band Remote Radio Units (RU) with advanced analytics capabilities and RAN Intelligent Analytics platform. The Saankhya 5G RAN portfolio provides a differentiated solution to the operator to optimize spectrum use and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

Open DU

This is a ground up design for vRAN hardware platform based on Saankhya Labs’ SDR architecture. This will give the global operators access to a open and dynamic hardware platform that saves on cap-ex and op-ex. This platform is the result of deep expertise of the Saankhya team in designing DSP based RAN hardware.

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This is an ORAN based 5G NR Infrastructure device. The solution includes support for various 3gpp bands specially the low and mid bands like Band 71, 29 and 40. It can be customized for other bands as well. The solution will incorporate a unique front haul compression technique to reduce op-ex for operators

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This is a software product under development for network automation and capacity optimization. The product is in line with the ORAN specification of the Radio Interface Controller. It will be implemented as a VNF and allows easy integration.

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Discussion with Saankhya Labs on Development of Truly Open Virtualized RAN