GYANDOOT is a highly versatile EDUSAT receiver indigenously designed and developed by Saankhya Labs. It securely delivers digital audio, video, graphics and data content over the EDUSAT network. Powered by Saankhya’s Software defined radio chipset, the low power, compact Satellite IP Receive Only Terminal (RoT), operates on L-Band and interfaces seamlessly to any USB host system such as Laptop or PC.

  • Satellite Receiver for delivering digital audio, video, graphics and data content over the EDUSAT network.
  • L-Band Operations via EDUSAT Satellite
  • Operates on USB power, optionally provides power to LNB via 12V AC-DC power adapter
  • Low power, high performance
  • Small form factor device
Technical Specifications


Frequency Band 950 – 2150 MHz
Acquisition Range + 30 kHz
Bandwidth 1Msps to 5.5 Msps
Data Rate 144 Kbps to 5.5 Mbps
Input Dynamic Range 0dBm to -40 dBm
Pulse Shaping RRC with roll off 35%, 15% or 20% options


Dimensions Dimensions 105 mm x 70 mm x 25 mm
Weight Weight 150 gms
Power Consumption <2.5 W (LNB powered separately)


Single Carrier DVB-S
Modulation Scheme BPSK,QPSK
Configuration Windows based configuration utility
Windows and Linux drivers for 3rd party application integration
Fast channel acquisition and recovery algorithms with blind, decision-directed and trained algorithm
Multi-Carrier and Proprietary Non-Standard waveforms and custom code rates can be supported on request
  • EDUSAT networked Schools, Colleges and training institutes
  • National Skill development programs
  • Remote area disaster warning system