Saankhya Labs is creating an Open, Cognitive and Scalable 5G RAN solution portfolio which includes Multi Band Remote Radio Units (RU) with advanced analytics capabilities and RAN Intelligent Analytics platform. The Saankhya 5G RAN portfolio provides a differentiated solution to the operator to optimize spectrum use and reduce Total Cost of Ownership.

5G Broadcast

5G Broadcast is the revolutionary data transmission solution designed to provide a superior user experience to mobile users.

Video traffic occupies more than 70% of mobile network traffic, overburdening the network, decreasing the call quality and increasing the overall cost of network for the mobile operator.

The limited spectrum available to mobile operators is being congested with video traffic as well as new services targeted at connected cars and smart devices.

Much of this data is being simultaneously consumed across multiple mobile devices. This data can be efficiently delivered by a broadcast network.

Saankhya’s broadcasting solution uses “smart” pipes to deliver linear and OTT video services by exploiting the one–to–infinite architecture in conjunction with the mobile unicast networks.

5G Broadcast makes efficient use of the traditional broadcasting spectrum leading to lower capex per gigabyte.

Satcom Solutions

Saankhya Labs offers innovative SDR based ground communication systems for a variety of Satcom and Satellite IoT applications. Saankhya’s satcom solutions include Two-way MSS Terminals, Hub-side Equipment, Receive Only Terminals and Satellite-to-Terrestrial Gateways for 5G Broadcast.

These enable Satellite based real time tracking of fixed and mobile assets, emergency communication systems, edutainment in remote areas and secure, encrypted defence communication.

All the solutions designed and developed by Saankhya Labs are powered by Saankhya’s SDR baseband chipsets and can be configured to support open Air interfaces, standard and non-standard  waveforms.

Fixed Wireless Access Solutions

Saankhya Labs Fixed Wireless Access solutions use TVWS Radios operating in UHF frequencies to provide Point to Point and Point to Multi Point long range communication in both line of sight and non line of sight configuration.

Saankhya Labs TVWS Radios are world’s first WIFAR standard (which is based on IEEE 802.22 standards) compliant TVWS products to be certified by the FCC of USA.

The various applications include connecting millions of people living in rural areas with high speed broadband internet in a highly cost-effective manner, setting up auxiliary communication systems during natural disasters, remote surveillance and monitoring systems, communication between remote sensors and central locations.