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International Covid Responses and modern wireless RAN design

Parag Naik
Founder & CEO
As the world battles the Covid-19 pandemic, the governments across the world have varied their responses to the crisis, based on diverse local factors. There is no one size fits all. Similar is the case of wireless RAN design which has to account for local factors and can’t be determined by a single global standard.

India to take the lead in telecom and radio in the next decade

Kiran Deshpande
Advisor, Saankhya Labs
Real-time broadcast updates to mobile devices, direct-to-mobile television broadcast and much more beckon the next generation communication revolution. With ever increasing digital traffic, video offload is the next progression to optimize spectrum usage. The solution lies in deploying smarter pipes, with a fine grain mixing of mobile spectrum and broadcast spectrum. India has both the technology as well as the expertise to lead the next wave of telecom revolution.

Resilience and demand will reboot the semiconductor industry in 2020 and beyond

Hemant Mallapur
Founder & EVP, Engineering
Semiconductors play an important role in almost every industry, either directly or indirectly. They support healthcare, telecommunications, aerospace equipment, energy, manufacturing and much more. To emerge stronger post the COVID-19 crisis, semiconductor manufacturers need to do more than merely handle operational challenges. Human resilience and the industry demand will push the semiconductor industry to reboot asap.