NAVRAIL is a Two-way MSS terminal for tracking of locomotives. Designed to enable Real Time Information System (RTIS) of Indian Railways, NAVRAIL has S-band modem and GPS modules, transmitting geo-location coordinates and other data to remote HUB through ISRO’s GSAT satellite. The RTIS will enable users to track the live location of the locomotive using a specially designed app and website.

  • Two-Way MSS terminal for Locomotive Tracking and Communication
  • Reports Geo-Location at Pre-determined intervals
  • Operates on ISRO’s S-Band GSAT Satellite
  • Inter-operates with Saankhya’s Hub-side equipment
  • Configurable data rates & OTA software update
  • Based on indigenous SDR chipset
Technical Specifications


Frequency Band 2560-2590 MHz
Data Rate 32 Kbps scalable to 512 Kbps


Frequency Band 2670-2690 MHz
Channel Spacing 10 kHz
Data Rate 1.2/2.4/4.8/9.6 Kbps in burst transmission
Transmit Power +36dBm EIRP


Dimensions 203 mm x 156 mm x 105 mm
Interface Ethernet
Casing IP 67 Compliant
  • Locomotive Tracking
  • SOS and Emergency Communication Services
  • Locomotive-to-Control Room and Control Room-to-Locomotive communication
  • Emergency broadcast messaging for Locomotives in a region