SDR Chipset

Award Winning, Patented, Fully Programmable Software Defined Radio Chipsets which can support multiple waveforms. Ultra Low Power, Small Footprint Chipsets with advanced computational capabilities can be used in wide spectrum of applications

SL 100X Universal Demodulator

Fully Software Defined Universal Baseband Demodulator IC

SL 900X Universal Modulator

Fully Software Defined Universal Base Band Modulator IC

SL 300X Universal Demodulator

Compact Next-Gen Universal DTV Demodulator

SL-400X Mobile TV Integrated Receiver

Compact Next-Gen Universal Mobile DTV Receiver


Saankhya Labs is developing an ORAN 7.2x compliant multiband 5G Remote Radio Unit (RU).

5G Remote Radio Unit


Direct To Mobile (D2M) Broadcast

Heavy video data forms the bulk of data transmitted over the mobile network and causes network congestion. D2M Broadcast is the Next-Gen data transmission solution based on convergence of Broadcast and Broadband network which reduces the network congestion and provides superior user experience

USB DTV Receiver Dongle

USB Dongle for reception of video signals over broadcast network in mobile devices

Broadcast Radio Head
Broadcast Radio Head

Digital Terrestrial Transmitter to support Direct to Mobile reception


SDR Based Satellite IoT and Communication Solutions from Saankhya Labs enable secure and reliable satellite based connectivity in remote locations. Saankhya’s Satcom solutions include Two-way MSS Terminals, Hub-side Equipment, Receive Only Terminals and Satellite to Terrestrial Gateways for 5G Broadcast

NAVSETU S-Band Satellite IoT Modem

Modem for Satellite link for Remote IoT Solutions

NAVRAIL S-Band Locomotive Tracking Terminal

Two-way MSS Terminal for real time tracking of locomotives

TARANG L-Band Multichannel Burst Demodulator

Multi-Channel, Multi-Rate Burst Demodulator

GYANDOOT L-Band Satellite Receive Only Terminal

Satellite ROT especially designed for Tele Education Network

SAMRAT S-Band Satphone

Sat-Sleeve to convert Android smart phone into a satellite phone

LEHAR S-Band Broadcast Receiver

Portable, Handheld S-Band DVB-S Broadcast Receiver with integrated patch antenna

NAVDOOT S-Band Vessel Tracking Terminal

Two-was MSS terminal for tracking of fishing vessels in deep sea