Lehar is a very compact S-band satellite broadcast receiver, capable of receiving satellite signals and demodulating them to provide digital data over USB to a host system such as Smartphone, Tablet/PC. An application on the host system decodes the audio & video data.
Lehar connects to a host system via USB OTG cable and can be used for a variety of applications including providing broadcast content to inaccessible areas and providing emergency and disaster warning signals to remote areas.

  • Portable handheld S-band DVB-S Broadcast receiver with integrated patch antenna
  • USB Powered & operates with any USB/OTG or a PC / Laptop / Mobile devices
  • Supports Audio, Video and Data
  • Android and Windows Applications
  • Linux drivers available
Technical Specifications
Frequency Band 2560 – 2590 MHz
Symbol Rate 144 Kbps – 5.5 Mbps
Dimensions 105mm x 74 mm
Weight 95 gms
Power Supply USB Powered
Low Power Consumption ~ 2W
Antenna Patch Antenna with > 2.5 dBi gain
RF Sensitivity -95 dBm @ 5.5 MSPS
  • Audio visual broadcasting in remote locations
  • Emergency and disaster warning systems
  • Remote software upgrades
  • Secure data transfer services to remote locations
  • Secure communication system for defence forces and strategic requirements