SAMRAT is a handheld, two-way, S-Band Satellite Mobile Radio Terminal device, that can transform an Android Phone into a Satellite Smartphone. Designed to operate over ISRO’s GSAT satellite network, SAMRAT supports voice, data, short message and geo locations services in a compact form factor befitting any standard 5.5” Android Smartphone.

  • SatSleeve to fit a 5.5” COTS Android phone
  • Supports Voice, Data, Short Messaging & Geolocation
  • Android App for Control, Configuration & Data
  • Micro USB for Wired Connectivity
  • Integrated High Capacity Battery
  • Satcom Hotspot for Wireless Connectivity
Technical Specifications


Frequency Band 2560-2590 MHz
Channel Spacing 10 kHz
Data Rate 2.7 Kbps scalable up to 512 Kbps


Frequency Band 2670-2690 MHz
Channel Spacing 10 kHz
Data Rate 2.7 Kbps
Transmit Power +30 dBm EIRP


Random ALOHA/SCPC 2.7 kbps
Modulation QPSK with FEC rate 1/2
Coding Convolution Coding IESS 308

Form Factor

Dimensions 147 mm x 82 mm x 30mm
Weight 300 g
IP Rating IP 54 compliant
Applications and Benefits
  • High quality voice communication
  • Messaging and data communication based on hub side support
  • Secure strategic communication for defence forces
  • Light Weight <300 gms
  • S/w programming to support customized waveforms
  • Offers redundancy in low mobile network coverage areas