NAVDOOT is a Two-way MSS terminal for tracking of vessels and fishing trawlers in deep sea. It uses S-Band signals from GSAT satellite to track vessels at sea. Apart from tracking, it is possible to send emergency alert messages from shore to the vessel. An SOS Device paired with Navdoot allows the vessel to send distress signals. Navdoot can be paired with Android Phone over a Bluetooth link. An Android APK is used for control, configuration and interaction with Navdoot

  • Two-way MSS terminal for Vessel Tracking and Communication in Deep Sea
  • Operates on ISRO’s S-Band GSAT Satellite
  • In-built Bluetooth module for Android phone connectivity
  • Easy Control, Configuration and Interaction via Android APK
  • Emergency Messaging Capability using Android APK
  • Separate physically connected SOS Unit
  • Built in Battery Backup
Technical Specifications


Frequency Band 2560-2590 MHz
Forward Link Continuous TDM
Data Rate 9.6/16/32 IESS Waveform


Frequency Band 2670-2690 MHz
Return Link TDMA Burst of 250ms/500ms/1s
Data Rate 9.6/16/32 Kbps Burst Modulation Scheme
Transmit Power +33dBm EIRP


Dimensions 203 mm x 156 mm x 105 mm
Interface Bluetooth for control/configuration
Casing IP 67 compliant
  • Vessel Tracking in deep sea locations
  • SOS and Emergency Communication Services from ship to shore
  • Ship-to-Shore and Shore-to-Ship communication
  • Emergency broadcast messaging for vessels in a region