Witness Next Gen SDR Based Wireless Communication Solutions

Saankhya Labs is a wireless communication solutions and technology company offering products and solutions for 5G NR, 5G broadcast, satellite communication powered by our award-winning, patented, ultra-low power consumption, fully programable SDR chipsets. These include ORAN 7.2x compliant 5G Radio Units, Broadcast Radio Heads, multi-standard DTV modulators and demodulators, Satellite IoT modems, and receive-only terminals, among others.

Discover the power of Saankhya’s Software Defined Radio Chipsets

SL- 100X Universal Demodulator – Fully Software Defined Universal Baseband Demodulator IC

SL-900X Universal Modulator – Fully Software Defined Universal Baseband Modulator IC

SL-300X Universal Demodulator – Compact Next-Gen Universal DTV Demodulator

SL-400X Mobile TV Integrated TV receiver – Compact Next-Gen Universal Mobile DTV Receiver

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    Solutions for Satcom

    Samrat – Two way MSS terminal for real-time tracking of locomotives

    Lehar – S-band Satellite Broadcast receiver

    Navdoot – Two way MSS terminal for real-time tracking of fishing vessels

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    Solutions for 5G Open RAN

    5G RU – ORAN Based Remote Radio Units

    RAN-WiserTM – Decouple the DU hardware and Software

    Elastic DU – RAN optimized Hardware Platform

    Solutions for 5G Broadcast

    Broadcast Radio Head – Digital Terrestrial Transmitter to support Direct to Mobile indoor and outdoor reception

    Mark One Phone – ATSC 3.0 enabled mobile phone. Receive broadcast signal direct to mobile

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