Broadcast Radio Head

Broadcast Radio Head (BRH) solution is a new paradigm for NextGen Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT). Deployed in a Low-Power Low Tower (LPLT) topology, it can create uniformly high signal strength to support Direct to Mobile (DTM) indoor reception. LPLT enables efficient spectrum reuse and can also supplement conventional High-Power High Tower (HPHT) deployments. Other applications can include NB-IoT services, Terrestrial TV Broadcasting etc. through the same network.

  • Broadcast System for Digital Terrestrial Transmission
  • Low Power and Low Tower (LPLT) Topology
  • Low Power Broadcast (5 to 40 W)
  • SFN and MFN Modes Supported
  • Supports Centralized EMS with remote software upgradability

Technical Specifications

Standards Support
Broadcast Standards ATSC 3.0, FeMBMS and DVB T2
(On Request)
Broadcast Specifications
Bandwidth 6 MHZ, 8MHz
Maximum Conducted Power 40 W
Data Rate 6 MHz – Up to 25 Mbps;
8 MHZ Up to 33 Mbps
MER > 40 dB
Backhaul Ethernet 1 Gbps Rj45,
Satellite (DVBS/DVB-S2)
  Fiber Optic Ethernet (SFP 1 Gbps)
RF UHF Frequency Band 470 – 608 MHz
Device Management
EMS Centralized with Remote Software Upgradability
Reporting System usage statistics reporting
Software Upgrades Remote and scheduled software upgrades
Regulatory Compliance FCC Title 47CFR 74.794 and Part 15
Physical Specifications
Dimensions L x W x D (in mm) 580 x 300 x 150
Weight Approx. 20 KG
Power Consumption 300 W
Power Input – 48 V DC
  • Terrestrial TV Broadcasting
  • Direct to Mobile TV
  • NB IoT Applications