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Saankhya Labs is a wireless communication solutions and technology company offering Satcom products based on its award-winning SDR chipsets. With several International technology patents and unique ‘chips-to-systems’ expertise, Saankhya’s product portfolio includes the industry’s first S-Band Satphone, Location reporting terminals for Railways and Vessel tracking, Broadcast receivers, and hub-side baseband equipment.

Experience the Future of Satellite IoT

  • Hubside Equipment
  • Two-Way MSS Terminals
  • Satellite Receive Only Terminals

Visit us at Walter E Washington Convention Centre, Exhibit Hall A & B – 1905 for a discussion on how we can service your Satellite IoT systems requirement.

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    Solutions for Satcom

    Samrat – Two way MSS terminal for real-time tracking of locomotives

    Lehar – S-band Satellite Broadcast receiver

    Tarang– Multi-channel multi-rate burst demodulator

    Navdoot– Two way MSS terminal for real-time tracking of fishing vessels

    Navsetu– Modem for Satellite link for Remote IoT Solutions


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    • Lehar Brochure

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    • White Paper- Satellite-Based Vessel Tracking and Communication Solution
    • Navsetu Brochure
    • Tarang Brochure
    • Samrat Brochure
    • Navdoot Brochure


    Your Satellite 2022 experience is incomplete without visiting Saankhya Labs!

    1. Experience Next-Gen SDR Based Satellite IoT Solutions!
    2. Learn about cutting-edge communication solutions based on patented Software Defined Radio (SDR) Platform for all your Satcom needs.
    3. Interact with leaders from Saankhya Labs, an innovative wireless technology and communication solutions company.

    Visit us at Satellite 2022, Exhibit Hall A & B – 1905 to know more about our future-ready communication solutions.

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