Saankhya Labs is an innovator in wireless communication solution with disruptive solutions for 5G NR, 5G Broadcast and Satcom powered by award winning, patented Software Defined Radio (SDR) chipsets. The differentiated Open RAN solutions include 5G Remote Radio Unit based on ORAN 7.2x split, Open DU platform, Portable RAN Framework RANWiserTM, and Radio Mapping solution for network planning and operations. These solutions provide Mobile Network Operators scalable, highly elastic networks and reduce the total cost of ownership.

With a global customer footprint across various verticals Saankhya Labs provides accessible and future ready communication solutions.

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    Solutions for 5G Open RAN

    5G RU – ORAN Based Remote Radio Units

    • Multi Band Radio Units
    • Based on ORAN 7.2x split

    RAN-WiserTM – Decouple the DU hardware and Software

    • Enables seamless portability of multi-vendor DU software
    • Seamless onboarding of multi-vendor DU with reduced TTM

    Elastic DU – RAN optimized Hardware Platform

    • Open by definition: Open Hardware and Software implementation
    • Analytics AI Engine for Real Time Decision Making


    • Saankhya Labs Corporate Presentation
    • Whitepaper: Developing a Truly Open Virtualized RAN
    • Whitepaper: RAN-WiserTM Hardware Agnostic RAN Framework for Truly
      Open RAN
    • 5G RU Brochure

    • RANWiser Brochure

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    • Open DU Chipset Brochure
    • 5G Broadcast Brochure
    • Broadcast Radio Head
    • Navrail Brochure
    • Navdoot Brochure
    • Tarang Brochure

    Solutions for 5G Broadcast

    Broadcast Radio Head – Digital Terrestrial Transmitter to support Direct to Mobile indoor and outdoor reception

    Mark One Phone – ATSC 3.0 enabled mobile phone. Receive broadcast signal direct to mobile

    Solutions for Satcom

    Navrail – Two way MSS terminal for real time tracking of locomotives

    Navdoot – Two way MSS terminal for real time tracking of fishing vessels

    Tarang – Multi-channel multi-rate burst demodulator

    Visit us at Mobile World Congress Barcelona, 2022 Booth 7A3 to know more about our future ready communication solutions.

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