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Resilience and demand will reboot the semiconductor industry in 2020 and beyond

Hemant Mallapur
Founder & EVP, Engineering
Semiconductors play an important role in almost every industry, either directly or indirectly. They support healthcare, telecommunications, aerospace equipment, energy, manufacturing and much more. To emerge stronger post the COVID-19 crisis, semiconductor manufacturers need to do more than merely handle operational challenges. Human resilience and the industry demand will push the semiconductor industry to reboot asap.

Top 10 technology trends that will redefine a post COVID-19 world

Parag Naik
Founder & CEO
The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted life and lifestyles of all across the globe. Work from home is the new reality. Schools and colleges are conducting online classes, and E-learning is on the rise. Social distancing is the new norm, and E-commerce companies are making Covid-safe deliveries to their customers. In this new reality, communication technology will play a great role in reshaping a post Covid-19 world.

Industry Dialogue COVID Disruption is Proof That We Need to be Serious About 5G Networks in India

Preetham Uthaiah
EVP, Marketing & Strategy
Video traffic occupied more than 70% of mobile network traffic, overstraining the network thereby reducing the call quality and increasing the overall cost of network for mobile operators. A result of the COVID disruption, the already ever-increasing video traffic is now at an all-time high. To ease out the network congestion and improve user experience, an innovative solution based on a converged Broadband and Broadcast networks is the need of the hour.

COVID-19 Lockdown Proves India Needs to Jump On 5G Broadcast Bandwagon Soon

Preetham Uthaiah
EVP, Marketing & Strategy
The COVID-19 restrictions and quarantine measures imposed all around the world have made the everyday face-to-face interactions virtual. Be it virtual classrooms, virtual meetings or the video calls with family to stay connected. The steep rise in video consumption platforms and the consequent video traffic signals an urgent shift we all need to make from traditional broadcasting to 5G Broadband.

How fixed wireless can boost last mile rural connectivity in a post Covid-19 India

Preetham Uthaiah
EVP, Marketing & Strategy
Rural India contributes to almost half the nation’s GDP. Increasing the broadband penetration in rural areas could bridge the digital divide between urban and rural India. Connectivity is a feature that could digitally empower and transform rural India. The challenges faced in boosting last mile rural connectivity in a post Covid-19 India can best be addressed by domestic entities leveraging fixed wireless solutions.

5G Broadcast could resolve WFH challenges during this world-wide lockdown!

Preetham Uthaiah
EVP, Marketing & Strategy
The lockdown has redefined not just work and workplaces but it has also redefined the world of education, entertainment, and much more. With classrooms going virtual, video streaming, online health care consultations, the already ever-increasing video traffic is now at an all-time high. 5G Broadcast holds the solution to combating the steep rise in the video traffic signals.

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