Strategic necessity: India is seeking to become a chip design hub

Co-Founder and CEO of Saankhya Labs talked to Economic Times regarding India’s position to become a chip design hub and how Saankhya is becoming a force to reckon with in India’s Chip design industry.

Saankhya Labs, another successful Bengaluru-based startup that has been creating chipsets for use in defence, satellite communication and broadcast. The company launched a mobile ready, next generation system-on chip, Pruthvi-3, which was designed for use in mobile devices, broadcast, satellite and defence communications.

Saankhya is currently a technology partner to ISRO and is working on a project for the Indian Railways. It has installed chips on 1,000 locomotives to track their locations accurately, up to a maximum time-lag of 30 seconds.

Be that as it may, the chip segment in India hasn’t really taken off due to a lack of venture capital interest and funding for hardware and product firms, said cofounder and CEO, Parag Naik. “This is also not the kind of business that can be built out of college — you need some industry experience and have to earn some grey hair first,” he said. “There is a huge perception battle. We have spent a lot of time fighting the notion that you can’t build a tech business out of India”.

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