SDR Based Satellite IoT and Communication Solutions from Saankhya Labs enable secure and reliable satellite based connectivity in remote locations. Saankhya’s Satcom solutions include Two-way MSS Terminals, Hub-side Equipment, Receive Only Terminals and Satellite to Terrestrial Gateways for 5G Broadcast

NAVSETU S-Band Satellite IoT Modem

Modem for Satellite link for Remote IoT Solutions

NAVRAIL S-Band Locomotive Tracking Terminal

Two-way MSS Terminal for real time tracking of locomotives

TARANG L-Band Multichannel Burst Demodulator

Multi-Channel, Multi-Rate Burst Demodulator

GYANDOOT L-Band Satellite Receive Only Terminal

Satellite ROT especially designed for Tele Education Network

SAMRAT S-Band Satphone

Sat-Sleeve to convert Android smart phone into a satellite phone

LEHAR S-Band Broadcast Receiver

Portable, Handheld S-Band DVB-S Broadcast Receiver with integrated patch antenna

NAVDOOT S-Band Vessel Tracking Terminal

Two-was MSS terminal for tracking of fishing vessels in deep sea