Saankhya Labs’ Navdoot Vessel Tracking System wins Skoch Defence Award in “Gold” category

Saankhya Labs’ Navdoot Vessel Tracking System won the Skoch Defence Award in “Gold” category. The eminent author and economist Bibek Debroy presented the award at a ceremony at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 11th Jan, 2020.

The Navdoot Vessel Tracking System is a state-of-the-art solution to provide 2-way communication to fishermen travelling in deep sea. The communication link is established via ISRO’s satellite. The Navdoot vessel tracking system has been installed in 300 fishing vessels in Tamil Nadu and Gujarat.

The Navdoot Vessel Tracking System helps in augmenting the coastal security in Indian waters. The system allows a real time tracking of boats. Once the system is installed in all fishing boats the coast guard will be able to track all the boats in Indian waters.

It is also a great boon for the fishermen. In case of an emergency the fishermen can send an SOS signal along with their exact coordinates to help in quick rescue. In case of a storm the system will allow the fisheries department to broadcast a warning to all the boats in the area asking them to come ashore.

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