LOCATION: Bangalore

A minimum of 3-5 years of experience in RF PCB design with knowledge in various RF design thumb rules.

A minimum of a high school Diploma / Bachelor’s degree or a related technical discipline is required.


  • Act as a primary PCB design engineer for complex circuit architectures/designs.
  • Responsible for designing RF PCB designs.
  • Experience in layout techniques for device matching, minimizing parasitics, RF shielding, guard rings.
  • Realize PCB designs of high component density and high layer count while balancing the competing needs of the electrical design (e.g., high-speed signal routing, EMI/EMC) with those of the manufacturing standards (DFM and DFT).
  • Experience in RF circuit blocks including LNA, mixers, PLL, LO generation, modulators, power amplifiers.
  • Capture, resolve and communicate PCB Design requirements from the development engineering team.
  • Participate in the estimation of PCB Design efforts for the scope of work and effort.
  • Ability to mentor fellow/junior PCB designers in best practices for the layout of high-speed signals and analog, power supply circuitry, and RF.
  • Elicit layout technique best practices from senior design engineers and incorporate those best practices into future designs.


  • Skills and Experience in RF Board Design.
  • Experienced in highly complex boards with very high layer count (40+ layers PCB designs) at a relatively lesser duration.
  • Work on mixed-signal sections like RF, Analog & digital sections in a single PCB.
  • RF components placement & routing in both top & bottom layers with adequate shielding or isolation
  • Use / Knowledge on Microstrip, Coplanar, and strip transmission lines for RF signal routing
  • Various RF ground vias & their stitching technique
  • Knowledge on the isolation of two nearby RF lines and shielding requirement
  • Able to import & export the required layout files from RF design software tools like
  • Advanced Design system, High-Frequency System Simulator, etc., from EE design engineer.
  • Acute attention to detail with excellent organization skills.
  • Ability to assist with the capture, tracking, and closure of action items resulting from design review meetings.
  • A solid understanding of PCB design’s physics and electrical principles, particularly for signal integrity concerns, impedance control/matching, and EMI/EMC mitigation.
  • A high degree of competence using PCB CAD tools.
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.
  • Experience delivering presentations in support of design reviews.
  • The candidate is expected to possess the ability to interface with various stakeholders, including PCB fabricators, manufacturing engineers, design engineers, and supply line personnel.