LOCATION : Bangalore


  • 10-25 years’ experience.


  • Involve in design and development of a breakthrough “from-the-scratch” compiler and associated toolchain based on a Domain Specific Language (DSL) used in 5G Telecom development. The toolchain and language are conceptually similar to “SyCL/OpenCL” but applied to wireless domain.
  • To play major role in language/framework design as well as Intermediate Representation (IR) design.
  • Involve in development of corresponding tool-chain i.e. compiler, simulator, code generator, debugger
  • To be a part of a larger system programming team and lead the architecture & methodology definition right up to implementation of the toolchain
  • To work with other experts to solve some of the most complex problems in the field of development tools that you might encounter in the industry
  • To work on making a ding in the universe.


  • Sound knowledge of C, C++ 14 especially template meta programming with great programming skills.
  • Sound knowledge of Data Structures and algorithms
  • Strong knowledge of Compiler tool development or any EDA/ESL tool development.
  • Exposure to heterogeneous compute environments
  • Familiarity with GPU/DSP or heterogenous compute, CUDA, openCL etc. or gcc/LLVM/Clang development.


  • Excellent verbal and oral communication in English
  • Experience with interacting with customers and multi-disciplinary teams
  • Self-learner, highly motivated, self-paced
  • System Programming Languages like Rust/Golang