Navraksha is a portable, two-way satellite communication terminal to enable real time tracking, and monitoring of fixed and mobile assets, It is designed to operate on ISRO’s Geo-Stationary S-Band Satellite. It enhances situational awareness and assists in better mission co ordination by offering two-way communication capabilities coupled with back end operational analytics.

  • Compact, light-weight terminal with flexible mounting options
  • Android app for two-way messaging configuration, control and data
  • IRNSS and GPS multi-mode tracking
  • Wi-Fi/Bluetooth support
  • Integrated Battery
  • AES Encryption
  • Over-The-Air (OTA) Software Upgrades
Technical Specifications

Forward Channel

Frequency Band 2560-2590 MHz
Forward Link Continuous TDM
Data Rate 9.6/16/32 IESS Waveform

Return Channel

Frequency Band 2670-2690 MHz
Return Link TDMA Burst of 250ms/500ms/1s
Data Rate 1.2/2.4/4/8 Kbps Burst Modulation Scheme
Transmit Power 2W, +33dBm EIRP

Form Factor

Dimensions 203 mm x 156 mm x 105 mm (approx.)
Interface Bluetooth for control/configuration
Casing IP 65 compliant
Applications and Benefits
  • Combine all assets for Common Operation Picture (COP)
  • Real time asset tracking and geofencing capabilities
  • Software programmable to support customised waveforms
  • Offers excellent redundancy in low mobile network coverage areas
  • Real time information and instant communication with command and control centre
  • Real time location awareness and navigation
  • Made in India in technical collaboration with ISRO
  • Highly secure Earth Station under management & control of ISRO (or user commissioned)