15th Apr – 19th Apr 2023


West Hall W4034, Las Vegas Convention Center

Experience Future-ready Direct To Mobile (D2M) Broadcast Solution!

Saankhya Labs is a disruptor in Wireless communication solution with innovative solutions for 5G Broadcast, 5G NR, and Satcom powered by award-winning, patented Software Defined Radio (SDR) chipsets.

The 5G Broadcast solution include Broadcast Radio Head, a new paradigm for Next-Gen Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT), and Mark One Phone an ATSC 3.0 enabled phone, which can receive Broadcast signals Direct-to-Mobile. This enables mobile users to have an unmatched user experience and seamless connectivity.

Future-ready 5G Broadband Broadcast converged solutions with dynamic spectrum sharing can reduce congestion and multiply the network capacity.

    • Saankhya Labs Corporate Presentation
    • Whitepaper: Developing a Truly Open Virtualized RAN
    • Whitepaper: RAN-Wiser Hardware Agnostic RAN Framework for Truly Open RAN
    • Broadcast Radio Head Brochure
    • Direct To Mobile (D2M) Broadcast Brochure
    • 5G RU Combined Brochure
    • RANWiser Brochure
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