India’s First Indigenous Manpack SDR

Secure and Reliable Military Communication Systems DESIGNED, OWNED, AND MADE IN INDIA

The tactical radio is an indigenously designed, developed, and manufactured software defined radio (SDR) for secure military communication.SDR/Manpack is jointly developed by Saankhya Labs and Cyient. The manpack SDR supports military communication over VHF/UHF frequency band in MANET environment. The SDR is powered by a fully-programmable SDR- baseband chipset from Saankhya Labs. A suite of custom waveforms developed in-house from the ground-up, ensures the highest level of ComSec and TranSec security.
The SDR supports a wide variety of narrow band and wide band waveforms including single carrier and multi-carrier OFDM. It is designed to offer flexibility for a range of operational requirements of the Indian defence forces. The SDR is both frequency agile and bandwidth agile supporting BW from 1KHz-8MHz. It is payload agnostic and is configurable to support voice, audio, video, and data. Additionally, it also supports a sophisticated GIS map for location services.

Key Features

  • Frequency Band30-512 MHz
  • Modulation: Multiple modulation schemes
  • Power Output: Variable up to 10 W
  • Display: High-resolution, sunlight readable
  • Data Rate: Up to 10 Mbps in wide band OFDM mode
  • Waveforms: Proprietary and legacy Self-healing, self-forming Mobile Ad-hoc Network
  • ECCM: FF and FH 100 to 1,000 hops/second
  • Encryption: Standard and proprietary
  • GPS Receiver: Integrated
  • Security: Eliminates embedded Spyware
Technical Specifications

Waveforms: Legacy analog and proprietary digital waveforms
MANET: 8, 16, and 32 Nodes
Modulation: AM (SSB, DSB), FM (narrow band and wideband), FSK,CPM, OFDM- QPSK, QAM

Audio | USB | Ethernet

Frequency: 30 MHz to 512 MHz
ECCM: FF and FH 100 to 1,000 hops/second

Size: 325 x 225 x 100 mm
Weight: 4 kg without battery

Output: Variable up to 10 W
Harmonics Level: -60 dBc min
Spurious Level: -70 dBc min
BER: Better than 10 e-6

MIL Standards