Saankhya Labs Has Been Featured in ElectronicsB2B Website.

The Indian chip design industry – including Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) design – is an integral part of the ESDM ecosystem. Growing demand for consumer electronic goods, a burgeoning telecom and networking market, and significant growth in the use of portable and wireless products are driving the growth of the semiconductor design industry. With the top 25 semiconductor companies present in India today, we have found our unique place on the global radar.
Pruthvi-3 by Saankhya Labs: It is an improvement over the previous Pruthvi chip (Pruthvi 1) that was launched in 2015, and can be used in multiple communication products including mobile devices, broadcast television, satellite communications and defence communications. Pruthvi-3 is a fully programmable multi-standard chipset that supports next-generation broadcast standards.
Available in multiple package options (SL3000 and SL4000), Pruthvi-3 will enable live broadcast TV capability on mobile devices and support video offload services from mobile networks to broadcast network. The Pruthvi-3 is an “advanced SDR SoC” manufactured in “28-nm (nanometre) FDSOI (Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator)” process supporting advanced “Physical Layer” functionality. The chip is ready for emerging technologies like 5G, machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). Saankhya Labs is pioneering a concept called 5G broadcast that marries both ML and 5G.