LOCATION : Bangalore


  • 812 Years of work experience.
  • Past exposure to Wireless IP, CPU Architecture, and DSP Concepts is a plus.


  • BE / M.Tech in Electronics / Communication / Telecommunications.


  • Microarchitecture for different kinds of Digital IP modules targeted towards IC or FPGA:
    • Start from initial requirements to define IP features and interfaces.
    • Partitioning of overall requirements into functional modules for optimum implementation.
    • Good HW-SW partitioning wherever needed.
    • Detailed design of digital logic, FSMs, Pipelines, Bus Interfaces, Register Specs etc.
    • Interaction with other functions like SW or Algorithm teams to refine the definition.
  • Implementation:
    • Good documentation of the microarchitecture, user guide, design details etc.
    • RTL coding, sanity testing and Lint.
    • Support to verification team as needed.
    • Post-RTL activities like Synthesis, Timing Closure, Formal Verification, ECOs etc.
    • Knowledge of power-aware design concepts like UVM, DVFS etc.
  • SoC integration and related activities:
    • Integration of external as well as internal IP’s.
    • Understanding of aspects like DFT, testability and integration of analog modules.
    • Verification support.
  • Support for lab debug & troubleshooting on need basis


  • Ability to take complete ownership of major IP modules or SoC sub-systems with support of junior members.
  • Ability to deliver as a team on schedule with required quality.
  • Mentoring and guidance of junior team members.
  • Task planning and tracking of the same.


  • Strong digital design and architecture skills.
  • Proven track record in delivering IP modules and/or SoC designs.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Good coordination skills with other team members or functions.