Disaster Management

During natural disasters like earthquakes, floods and cyclones cause a large scale disrupution in the communication infrastructure. Optical fibre networks and mobile towers can be destroyed in the natural disaster.Restoration of communication systems as soon as possible is extremely critical. Quick setup and reliable communication systems can help in disaster management. Saankhya Labs UHF based TV White Space solution can help in providing effective communication systems during a natural disaster

TVWS Disaster Management Communication Solution
The solution consists of the Meghdoot base station installed at a central command location. The location may have existing internet backhaul or we may use satellite connection as a backhaul. The base station can be mounted on a pole or on top of a building. In disaster effected remote regions Dhaval CPE modems are mounted on the poles. WiFi routers are connected to the Dhaval CPE modems. The distance between the central location and remote locations can be up to 10 KM in both Line of Sight and Non Line of Sight configuration. The solution utilizes unused frequency in UHF spectrum (TV White Spaces) to establish a connectivity between central location and the remote villages.

Products Used in the Solution