Saankhya Labs offers a variety of terrestrial and satellite communication products for use in defence and strategic communication applications. These products are indigenously designed developed and manufactured. They offer an added advantage of full Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) residing in India.

All the products are based on Saankhya Labs award winning, patented Software Defined Radio (SDR) chipsets. These fully programmable, low power, small footprint chipsets enable realization of first of its kind communication systems operating over broad range of frequencies including UHF, L-Band and S-Band.

The chipsets can be programmed to support customized waveforms so can be used to design highly encrypted communication solutions for defence and strategic purpose

Defence Communication Products

SDR Based communication systems for defence and strategic purposes. The software defined custom waveforms and encryption help in providing secure and reliable tactical and strategic communication solutions for defence forces

Shaurya Base Station

UHF Base Station for Long Range Broadband Connectivity in Remote Terrain

Jayant CPE Radio

UHF CPE Modem for Long Range Broadband Connectivity in Remote Terrain

Manpack SDR

Software Defined Radio for Secure communication in Manet environment

Navraksha Two-Way
MSS Terminal

Satellite based Asset Tracking and Monitoring Terminal

SAMRAT S-Band Satphone

Portable Satphone for secure communication in remote locations