• 6+ year experience in RF and EMC design for certification; Knowledge of various EMC and wireless standards (especially FCC, 3GPP & IEC 61000-4 standards etc.) is expected.


  • Bachelor’s in Engineering in Electronics / Communication / Telecommunication or MTech in RF Microwave / Communication systems.


  • Sound knowledge in FCC, 3GPP, IEC standards.
  • Experience in 4G / 5G Radio System testing and Compliance.
  • Knowledge in EMI/EMC design guidelines, testing and Qualification.
  • Should be able to study and comprehend technical regulatory standards for RF and EMC compliance.
  • Need to be able to derive the regulatory requirements applicable for a particular product from the compliance clauses.
  • Should be able to independently prepare documentation and the derived design requirements pertaining to the compliant clauses.
  • Should possess sound knowledge in EMC design; should be able to perform design for EMC & RF compliance.
  • In-depth Knowledge in the RF test instruments like Spectrum Analyzer, Network Analyzer, Signal Generator, Oscilloscope, Power meters and power supply.
  • Should be able to understand the requirements on the lab and lab instruments for a given test and should be able to interact with the certification labs for testing.
  • Should be responsible for complete certification of the products. Should handle problems and troubleshoot in the midst of testing.


  • Participation in RF design and review for various RF modules, sub systems and Systems.
  • Preparation of documentation for certification tests and testing procedures. Should be able to interact and explain across different teams.
  • Should be able to work independently.