Saankhya Labs is a premier wireless systems and semiconductors company. We offer a wide range of communication solutions, technologies and platforms across 5G Open RAN, Broadcast and Satellite IoT systems. The communication solutions are based on our award winning and patented Software Defined Radio (SDR) chipsets and platforms.

Saankhya’s strong and diversified expertise in IC Design and Validation, DSP Software, Mixed Signal RF & Systems engineering, application development and field testing makes us one of the most focused, vertically integrated SDR company in the industry today.

With several international technology patents and unique ‘chips-to-systems’ expertise, Saankhya’s solutions include world’s first production SDR, next gen open RAN Solutions for 5G networks, 5G Broadcast solutions for Direct to Mobile Broadcast, SDR based Sat-IoT and Satcom solutions and many other award-winning solutions.
Saankhya Labs is a technology partner for Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). We are also a member of TSDSI and are involved in the development of 6th generation mobile standards.