LOCATION: Bangalore/Pune


  • 2 to 12+ Years’ experience in 3GPP L2/L3 Software Development.


  • Must be B. E/ B. S/ B. Tech/ M.S/ME/MTech in EC/EE/CS (Related branches will be considered)
  • Strong academic background with excellent oral and written communication.


  • Design and development of LTE/NR Layer2 and Layer3 standards
  • Virtualization of L2L3 components
  • Analyzing and debugging the system issues (field trails, compliance tests, customer support)
  • Integrating with L1 module and other cloud infrastructure elements


  • Candidate should have exposure to 3GPP defined cellular standards like UMTS, LTE, NR
  • Candidate should have contributed to the development of wireless systems (eNB or gNB)
  • Candidate should have a fair amount of understanding of the O-RAN technologies and the architectural aspects of the same
  • Candidate should be proficient with wireless protocols like RLC/MAC, PDCP, RRC, NGAP, etc and understand the design choices while implementing and deploying systems incorporating the above
  • Candidate should be knowledgeable about aspects of scheduling, power control, link adaptation, etc. in a wireless system
  • Candidate should be proficient in programming in C/C++ (requirement is not about knowledge of syntax but designing and mapping systems)
  • Candidate should have a good understanding of Linux (IPC, kernel, power management, etc.)
  • Candidate should have a good understanding of containerization technologies (docker, k8s, openshift, etc)
  • Candidate should have an understanding of fast path technologies like DPDK, VPP, etc.
  • Candidate should have a good understanding of call flows w.r.t 4G, 5G SA and NSA.