Rural Broadband

Our TVWS solutions help bridging the broadband digital divide between rural and urban areas. The solution is provides large coverage area at a much lower cost and short deployment time.

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Our communication equipment from SATCOM product line and Broadcast, Broadband product line can be used for various IOT applications like asset tracking, smart agriculture and other applications.

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Meghdoot Base Station SLB802ODU

Meghdoot enables long range wireless broadband access to subscribers over TV White Space spectrum.

The Base Station is compliant to Wi-FAR Wave 1 specifications published by White Space Alliance (WSA) based on IEEE 802.22 WRAN standard.Powered by Saankhya Labs’ award-winning and patented Software Defined Radio (SDR) chipsets - SL10xx and SL90xx.

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Dhaval CPE Modem SLC802ODU

Dhaval CPE Modem SLC802ODU provides long range wireless broadband access to Subscribers over White space spectrum.

White spaces are unused channels of 6/7/8-MHz in UHF spectrum that spans from 400 to 700MHz.

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