April 8-11, 2019 | Las Vegas, NV

Meet us at Wynn Towers Las Vegas for a Live Demo of 5G Broadcast

More video content is being consumed than any other content type. But video content unicast over thousands of devices is bandwidth intensive. The next generation devices require the next generation technology for efficient spectrum utilization.

Saankhya Labs is always at the forefront of cutting edge communication technology solutions. 5G Broadcast which converges Broadcast and Broadband Spectrum is the future of communication. It has huge potential of reducing the bandwidth requirement for video and data transmission. This will revolutionize everything from low cost rural broadband to broadcast based services; from Next Gen IoT applications to HDTV on Mobiles.

In NAB Show 2019 Saankhya Labs is all set to demonstrate the cutting edge 5G Broadcast solutions and how they will impact the future.

Witness the Next Gen cutting edge technologies. Join us for a demo at Wynn Towers, Las Vegas

For any queries or to register for the demo please write to us at nabshow2[email protected]