Saankhya Labs Low Power TV (LPTV) solution is a new paradigm in Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) broadcasting. LPTV provides both Digital connectivity and FTA DTT through a single network.
In contrast to regular DTT systems LPTV uses 10-100W low power systems, Takes SFN networks to a new level and provides better spectrum reuse.


  • Broadcast
  • IP to DVB Modulator – Low Power Broadcast TV
  •  TVWS Base Station: Point to Multipoint
  • Frequency: 500 – 650 MHz
  • Bandwidth: 8 MHz
  • Low Power TV ~ 10-100W
  • Solar Powered (optional)
  • Reception of regular FM and DRM on a Wifi reciever
  • Receiver DVB Receiver for video link Future support for DRM TVWS Modem for reverse link with connection to Wi-fi router
  • Bundled with roof-top Antenna and Cable
  • Solar Powered


  • Low Cost, Last Mile TV and Data/Voice Connectivity
  • Savings of INR 2000 Crores to the exchequer
  • Solar powered
  • Easy to Setup and Low Maintenance
     Additional revenues for the Broadcaster
     Largest coverage in the shortest period
     Return link allows every Block to be addressable => results in local advertising
     Profiling of the viewer (and scheduling TV/data traffic)
     Quick Roll

Deployment Diagram