Satellite L - Band Systems


GYANDOOT is a high performance EDUSAT receiver indigenously designed and developed by Saankhya Labs. GYANDOOT securely delivers digital audio, video, graphics and data content over the EDUSAT network. Powered by Saankhya’s Software defined radio chipset, the low power, compact Satellite IP Receive Only Terminal (RoT), operates on L-Band and interfaces seamlessly to any USB host device such as Laptop or PC. A payload agnostic software utility on the host system enables decryption of encrypted content and utilizes the compute power for software decoding and rendering of multiplexed audio-video and graphics data on the display device. Additionally, GYANDOOT can also receive and store files, e-mails & notification alerts.


  • Satellite Broadcast receiver
  • EDUSAT receiver (distance education)
  • Tele-education/ Tele-medicine


  • Frequency band:  L-band (1-2Ghz)
  • Ku band Satellite with LNB & Dish Antenna
  • Delivers Video, Audio & IP data content over USB to Tablet / PC/ Laptop
  • Symbol rates from 1Msps to 5.5Msps
  • Superior sensitivity -99dBm @ 5.5Msps
  • Low power consumption: ~500 mW
  • USB powered: Can draw power from USB-OTG host device Tablet/PC/laptop
  • Android and Windows application
  • Linux driver available


Saankhya Lab’s L-Band TDM Modulator is a reconfigurable data rate IESS continuous modulator that can work from 16 kbps to 5 Mbps. The modulator operates in the L-band covering the entire 950-1750 MHz, making it an ideal solution as an HUB side equipment. The equipment is designed in a 1RU-19” rack form factor.

The product is software upgradable to custom waveforms as well.


  • Headend/ Control HUB equipment for location reporting terminal
  • Proprietary closed loop SATCOM communication system


  • Frequency Range: 950MHz to 2690MHz
  • Data rate: Programmable 1.5 Kbps Up to 5.5 Mbps
  • Modulation -BPSK, QPSK
  • FEC Options -Viterbi Rate 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, Viterbi + RS
  • Data interface: USB
  • Output power: -20 dBm
  • RF Interface –SMA 50 Ohm

TARANG is industry‘s first SDR based Multi-Channel, Multi-Rate Burst Demodulator supporting up to 48 RF channels in a single 3RU 19“ rack unit. Powered by Saankhya‘s SDR baseband chipsets, TARANG is a fully programmable system capable of supporting a variety of standard and custom waveforms by way of software change.

Designed as a hub-side equipment for MSS network, TARANG supports reception in L-Band frequencies ranging from 950 MHz to 2150 MHz.

Easy to set up and configure, TARANG enables seamless connectivity to Network Management System (NMS) over an ethernet interface.

Deployed as a hub-side equipment at the earth station, it receives burst data over a satellite link transmitted by multiple interoperable ground terminals. The burst demodulator is used to demodulate the return signal link from terminal to the hub.


  • Low power consumption
  • Multiple channels – up to 48 channels in one chassis
  • Plug and Play cards
  • Dual power redundancy system
  • Small form factor for hub side equipment
  • Low noise system
  • Supports custom waveform



Frequency Range 950-2150 MHz
Frequency Tuning Setup 1 kHz
Frequency Acquisition ± 5 kHz



I/P level range -45 to -70dBm
I/P Impedance 50Ω
I/P Return Loss >18 dB
I/P Spectrum Selection Normal, Inverted



Data Rate Selectable 1200bps, 2400bps, 2700bps & 4800bps
Modulation BPSK,QPSK
FEC Viterbi, Rate 1/2