Pruthvi-1 – 1st Gen Broadcast IC’s ------Demodulator (SL100x)

SL Demodulator
SL100x is a fully Software defined Universal Baseband Demodulator IC that supports the demodulation of 802.22/802.11af signals, Digital Television signals and custom waveform demodulation.

The Complete White Space solution with SL100x/SL900x firmware is available for evaluation now.

  • LFBGA 144-pin (10×10 mm) or 176-pin (12×12 mm) package
  • Software configurable Standard and Custom demodulation
  • Flexible tuner support – interfaces to LIF (silicon) and IF (can) tuners
  • Integrated ADCs, PLL’s and DAC’s
  • Separate RF and IF AGC outputs with adaptive tuner-gain and loop-delay parameters
  • Fast channel re-lock through restoration of channel parameters
  • Integrated de-interleaving support
  • Excellent multi-path performance with adjustable tap
  • Capable of handling large carrier offsets
  • Fast channel acquisition and recovery algorithms with blind, decision-directed and trained algorithm
  • Dynamically programmable matched filters compensate for carrier frequency offsets
  • Co-channel rejection filters
  • Forward Error Correction (FEC) support for all standards: Viterbi, Reed-Solomon, Turbo and LDPC
  • Digital adjacent channel rejection filters
  • FEC statistics measurements and signal meters
  • Control processor to reduce host software burden
  • Power supply: 3.3V, 2.5V and 1.1V
  • Power consumption: TBD
  • Flexible interface to IF/LIF tuners
  • AGC outputs for RF and IF stages
  • Serial or parallel Transport Stream output interface
  • I2C interface for programming and code download
  • JTAG interface for software debug

SL100x supports below standards

  • White Space: IEEE 802.22, IEEE 802.11af
  • Custom demodulation firmware can be developed upon request
  • Rural Broadband with White Space Modems (IEEE 802.22, 802.11af)
  • Tactical radio communication systems; Satellite receivers; Broadband modems
  • Secured and Proprietary base band waveform demodulation
  • Surveillance, Remote monitoring & Emergency warning systems
  • Internal and external A/V receiver modules for Tablets
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